Yo Soy seats available for April and May!

We are ready to Spring forward with our suppers for the next two months! check it out:

 April 12th (Saturday)- SOLD OUT


13th (Sunday) - a few remaining! 

Chicago is finally thawing out little by little. Spring is here, and we welcome her with open arms (and a jacket)! We are happy to see the sun shining on our pale chicago skin and all of the people out and about in their best spring colored clothes! Tis the season to start defrosting, socializing and taking advantage of what this wonderful city has to offer! We thought we could further lure you out of hibernation with the temptation of an extraordinary meal that is themed after this wonderous time of the year. The menu will be a play off of the springtime in chicago, so look out for dishes like a cool yet spicy soup, or a chile that you bite into that is sweet! It will mess with your mind, much like an april fool would. Spring forward and reserve your seat HERE!

May 3rd (Saturday) and 4th (Sunday):

We are celebrating the infamous holiday known in Mexico as "The battle of Puebla" , in the United States we call it "Cinco de Mayo" in a major culinary way. We have planned a Mexican-French five course meal to represent the true meaning behind this holiday. The Mexican - French idea was spawn from the original date of May 5, 1862 when the Mexican army in the state of Puebla, Mexico defeated the French army who was considered the "World's most superior military" at that time. After revisiting that point in history, we decided the menu should have a unique play on this event and create a meal that would have been had if things would have turned out in a more peaceful scenario. That's right, we are looking to rewrite history via food! What if the French and Mexican armies would have put down their guns, and picked up cooking pans, forks and knives, and became amigos at a communal table? That is the thinking behind the menu items we are preparing for this meal, and we are completely stoked about the numerous fantastic dishes that are going to come out of this partnership. This meal is sure to make your palate scream "je t'aime mucho!". Grab your seat HERE!



Upcoming Yo Soy Supper dates!

Hello all! 

We are completely stoked about our "Viva Selena" supper being sold out this Sunday, and we do have a few names on "stand by" for any last minute cancellations. For those who were unable to snatch up your seats for this supper here is a list of upcoming dates for a head's up:

Our dates for April and May will be the following:

APRIL 12TH AND 13TH  7:00 PM

MAY 3RD AND 4TH        7:00 PM

the link to purchsae seats will be up over the next few days, so stay tuned! 

Inspired & Hungry

Here's a quick peek into the inspiration for our next supper, VIVA SELENA. We watch numerous videos, research interviews, read articles, etc. to come up with our menu for this annual meal (which we go crazy about!). We wanted to show you a bit of what we are watching now for the inspiration of one of the courses. Enjoy!


p.s.- The Riverwalk in San Antonio is in this video! She was putting South Texas on the map y'all!



"¡VIVA SELENA!" supper 03.16.14- SOLD OUT

Yo Soy is all about art. Art in all forms. We represent the culinary arts with Yo Soy, but also use our suppers as a platform to feature and celebrate all other facets of artistic expression. Next month we are highlighting a musical artist that is huge in the Mexican community. The March meal is our fourth annual tribute meal to the "Mexican Madonna", Selena, and the date is set in stone! On Sunday, March 16th, 2014 we will create a meal that will pay the proper respects via food to a native of Mikey's hometown of Corpus Christi, Texas. Selena Quintanilla was an artist that made a huge impact in the music scene, and put Mexican American singer/songwriter artists' on the table to be dealt with seriously. Selena was a great talent and has a huge following to this day. Her untimely death was a great loss to the Mexican American community and it was a tragic day when her life was cut short in March 1995. This will be our fourth year to celebrate the life of this iconic Mexican American figure, and we personally love this supper (almost too much). The blaring of "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom" can be heard 5 buildings down during the preparation of this meal. There is no shame in the impromptu dancing that happens while our curtains are wide open! For those who have yet to make one of our ¡VIVA SELENA! suppers, grab your seat quick! This supper is one of the most anticipated of the year with our regulars since there is a lot of soul in this meal, festive Selena numbers and delicious comida! 


Yo Soy "¡Oye Valentín!" recap, and date for March supper!

What a celebration we had last Sunday! There was a ton of new guests, some regulars, and some we have not seen in a few years. We were stoked that the group we had for this meal was so great and receptive to the theme of the evening. The place was adorned in red to highlight the "Day of love and friendship" meal, the meal was designed around the holiday.

Take a look at the menu:


1). juan-tons: poblano rajas wontons, tomatillo-serrano salsa
2). tender loving carotine: carrot star anise soup, guajillo crema
3).  be mayan valentine: sole, pollo pibil, frijoles, pickled onion
4).  that's a-mole!: beef braised in mole dojo, puree de papas, brussels sprouts
5).  love pudding: caramelized puffed rice, blood orange, spiced chocolate

 and some photos:

We are excited about the next supper set for Sunday March 16th, 2014! Mark your calendars and stay tuned for the email with seat availability!